MATH:5760:0AAA Mathematical Biology II
Module 6: Machine Learning
Spring 2023
Time: 12:30P - 1:20P MWF    Location: 105 MLH

Instructor:  Dr. Isabel K. Darcy
Department of Mathematics and AMCS
University of Iowa
Office: MLH 25J
Phone: 319-335- 0770
Email: isabel-darcy AT

Office Hours: In person: M 12- 12:20pm and 2:30 3pm+ WF 12- 12:20pm and 1:30 2pm+
Via zoom: Th 5:30-6pm & by appointment
Note: + means I will be also available directly after the office hour, normally for as long as needed.

Ways to get help:

HW will consist of weekly labs and ICON quizzes, etc.
Our final exam will consist of 3 parts:

TENTATIVE CLASS SCHEDULE-ALL DATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE (click on date/section for file of corresponding class material):

Tentative ScheduleHW/Announcements
Week 11
4/3 Introduction to data analysis LAB 1: creating artificial data, downloading real data, intro to cleaning data, PCA
4/5 Data cleaning, PCA, intro to ML
4/7 Clustering
Week 12
4/10 Hierarchical Clustering, Noise LAB 2: Clustering
4/12 k-means clustering, Linear Regression
4/14 Variance, Linear Regression, p-values
Week 13
4/17 p-values, preview, Linear vs Logistic Regression LAB 3: Linear regression
Poster draft 1 due Friday 4/21
4/19 Logistic Regression
4/21 Logistic Regression, test vs train
Week 14
4/24 Test vs Train LAB 4: Logistic regression
Poster draft 2 due Friday 4/28
4/26 Data Leakage, PCA
4/28 PCA, Ethics
Week 15
5/1 Ethics, reproducible research, publication bias, data privacy LAB 5: Regression (single vs multi-variable)
Poster draft 3 and written project draft due Thursday 5/4
5/3 multi-variable linear regression (see ICON for notes)
5/5 Presentations, Review
Final's week
Final exam: 10:00AM - 12:00PM 05/08/2023 Mon 113 MLH: More Presentations.