FC Candlewoods Ebonstar As Good As It Gets
Shohola Kade
                                                Lightning Lilly To Go
                                                FC/AFC/CFC/CAFC Jazztime's Frequent Flyer
MHR Worth-It Shohola Zeke
                                                Candlewoods Labracadbra
                                                FC/AFC Esprits Power Play
MHR Shohola Pearl
                                                Waterstrike's Maple Creek Blitz


Living the good life with friends:

                                                FC/AFC Blackwater Rudy
HR Shohola Star
                                                MHR-UH/HRCH Shohola Far-Da-Go Lulu

Shohola Kat (rescued from hurricane Katrina)

Gone, but not forgotten

MHR Shohola Cookie Storm (1997-2012)
MHR/UH-HRCH Shohola Dinah (1998-2011)
GMHR/UH-HRCH Shohola Far-Da-Go Lulu (1997 - 2010)
MHR-UH/HRCH Shohola Daisy (1995-2005)
MHR Moon River's Shohola Kate (1991-2004)
GMHR Shohola Tess (1992 - 2004)
GMHR Shohola Nell   (1989-2001)
GMHR/HRCH Cedar Valley's Manhandler, MH (1987-1998)
GMHR Southland Shohola Vico   (1986 - 1997)
MHR Stardust Galadriel's Roxie   (1983 - 1995)


The Future