Shohola Pearl     Second surgery to find a grass awn
Pearl09 GrassAwn.jpg

                                                                     FC/AFC Code Blue
                                    Esprit's Out of the Woods
                                                                     FC/AFC Fishtrap Debbie Does Ducks
               FC/AFC Esprits Power Play
                                                                     FC/AFC Sky Watch Scanner
                                    FC/AFC Scan's in the Nick of Time
                                                                     Goose Down Hannah Honey, MH


Shohola Pearl

                    EIC clear by prelim. U of MN test

                                                                      CNFC Waldorf's High Tech
                                    NAFC/CNAFC/FC Ebonstar's Lean Mac
                                                                       Ebonacea Princess
                   Waterstrike's Maple Creek Blitz
                                                                       FC/AFC Cody's Mark'n Dandy
                                    FC/AFC/CFC Cody's Caraway Kate
                                                                       CFC Nilak Caraway

12 weeks 7 months 7 yrs