A quick introduction to Mapper for linux computers in B5 MLH

More general introduction to Mapper:


A quick introduction to Perseus for linux computers in B5 MLH

More general Brief introduction to Perseus

Some R commands:

a <- read.table("data.txt",sep="\t", header=T, fill=T) %% fill = T results in empty values replaced with NA
b <- a[complete.cases(a),] %% remove all rows containing NA

circle2.r, uploadDatatoRetc.R, Matrices_and_Data_Frames.R

Data sets from Kate Cowles

To run a background process which continues after you logout (not yet tested to see if it works)

nohup ./perseusLin brips input.txt output > screenoutput.txt &

nohup R CMD BATCH ./myprog.R > screenoutput.txt &

See also Running Jobs in the Background