Herbert W. Hethcote

Emeritus Professor of Mathematics

Former director of AMCS (1982-2005)

E mail:   herbert-hethcote@uiowa.edu
Paper mail:
            1866 Commodore Ln NW
            Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
      (206) 855-0881 (home phone)

Research Interests:
Differential, integral and functional differential equations. Mathematical analysis and application of models for the spread of infectious diseases. Comparison of vaccination and control procedures for gonorrhea, measles, rubella, HIV/AIDS and pertussis. Population dynamics models in biology, biochemistry and medicine.
For more information, see a short curriculum vitae.
See also a list of recent publications.

Books Available as PDF files:
Gonorrhea Transmission Dynamics and Control
, coauthored with Jim Yorke, was published in 1984 by Springer-Verlag as Lecture Notes in Biomathematics 56. Modeling HIV Transmission and AIDS in the United States, coauthored with Jim Van Ark, was  published in 1992 by Springer-Verlag as Lecture Notes in Biomathematics 95. Both books are out of print and the publisher has returned the copyright to us. We have placed them in the public domain, so that you may copy them without paying a fee. The PDF files were made by scanning the original camera-ready manuscript at full size.  If you want to print them out, you may want to set a reduction factor of 75 to 90 percent in your printer driver. 

PDF files of Herb's papers on infectious disease modeling

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